Why The Winnebago Micro Minnie Is Perfect For Families

Purchasing an RV camper of any sort for leisure travel can be a daunting process, with so many types and styles to choose from.  You want something that will suit you and your traveling companions, creating comfort and ease of use while traveling.

Many people don’t consider the possibility of a pull-behind trailer for their camping needs, but they should.  One to consider is the Winnebago Micro Minnie and here is why.


With a smaller trailer type camper, travelers can access a wider assortment of campsites.  This might provide for a better spot next to a lake or other beautiful spot. Whichever spot you choose, having this type of camper gives you better choices which can sometimes mean the difference between an awesome getaway and a so-so getaway.

Ease of Use

Smaller means better maneuverability in and around campsites.  Unless you’re a newbie this is something that is already experienced, how difficult it can be to manage the tight areas within a campground and other areas with fifth-wheel campers and larger RV’s.  This can provide a better camping experience, not to mention less likelihood of incidents that can cause damage to the existing campgrounds or your camper.


Winnebago is a company that takes its customer’s wants and needs into consideration.  Since the camper crowd is decreasing in age as time goes by, they want to keep things modern and trendy for the younger folks looking to get out and experience nature while looking good.  This camper has many options to choose from for those looking for style.

Shelter from the Sun

This camper trailer has a great perk of a large awning which is uncommon for most mini trailers out there on the market today.  This allows for plenty of guests worthy, hanging out the fun out of the sun. This can sometimes be a huge deal-breaker for some people looking for a camper trailer or RV, they like to have an awning that is large and accommodating.  Well, this one has that and then some.

Weather Wise

Some folks like to extend the camping season beyond the hot Washington summer months well into those cool months where it can have a person looking for shelter.  Thanks to a heated and insulated underbelly in this camper trailer you can camp for a longer period into cooler months and still feel toasty warm in those moments that you need to retreat to a warm place.

Sun Power

For those individuals who really like to go rough and skip the power connection hookup at campgrounds, they can still have power if they purchase a solar panel kit.  This camper trailer is equipped with Solar Power hookup for the eco-friendly, backwoods folks who still need a little power for certain things.

Carry a lot

This camper trailer may be small, but it offers the perk of having a lot of storage space for such items as bicycles and other such items one would need while camping and traveling.  This might be the best perk of all, somehow no one ever seems to have enough space for what they need and want.

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