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Awesome RV Motorhome Driveability/Handling Problems

Over the years, we've developed this list of the most common problems customers complain of. If you are experiencing any of the following issues with your motorhome, contact us to schedule a service or RPA appointment by giving us a call at 888-455-9665 in Chehalis, using our appointment request form, or filling out the contact form.

  • Bottoming Out
    When the suspension is at its lowest point and makes contact with the suspension stops. Possible causes: Worn shock absorbers, insufficient spring tension, or overloading.
  • Bounce
    Worn or insufficient shock absorbers may cause bouncing in the rear, front, or both areas of the coach.
  • Bump Steer
    Caused by inproper suspension geometry, this occurs when the coach hits a bump and the steering wheel suddenly jerks to one side on its own.
  • Dog Tracking
    When the rear wheels of the motorhome do not line up with the front. Typically caused by rear axle misalignment.
  • Harsh Ride
    You are able to feel every rut or bump in the road and the motorhome rides very stiffly. This can be caused by excessive tire pressure, excessive spring rate, or improper shock absorbers.
  • Listing
    Improper weight distribution, worn or weak springs, spring hangers, body mounts or brushings may cause the motorhome to ride lower on one side than the other.
  • Porpoising
    The coach will teeter-totter in a front-to-back movement after driving over a bump in the road. This is most common on short motorhomes (20-30 feet). This problem can most times be fixed with better shock absorbers or springs.
  • Pull
    Your motorhome consistently wants to pull to the right or the left. Possible causes include alignment, tires, weight distribution, improperly adjusted steering components.
  • Returnability
    After making a turn, the steering wheel should come back to the center. If it doesn't, you might be having to make constant corrections to stay in the center of the lane. This could be caused by improper alignment or sticky steering gear.
  • Ride Height
    Determined by chassis type and is measured accordingly.
  • Road Wander
    The coach wants to move to the left or right even when steering straight. Most likely caused by excessive play in one or more steering components.
  • Rut Tracking
    The coach follows grooves worn into the road. This may be caused by insufficient front end weight or the type of tire used.
  • Shimmy
    Occurs when the coach hits a bump and the steering wheel shakes back and forth. This could be caused by one or more loose steering components or excessive camber.
  • Side Play
    The excessive unilateral movement in any component in the steering or suspension systems.
  • Steering Play
    When the driver moves the steering wheel to the left or right and there is no immediate response. Usually caused by one or more loose or worn steering components.
  • Sway
    The RV rocks or leans in a side-to-side motion. Typically caused by weak springs and/or lack of an anti-sway bar.
  • Tail Wagging the Dog
    Usually caused by excessive lateral motion of the rear axle.
  • Wind Drift
    The coach is pushed off its center line of travel when passing motorhomes or in strong wind. This can usually be solved with a steering control product.

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