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Awesome RV is your Road Performance Assessment Center

Your motorhome is a made up of many different parts, each of which has a specific function that allows your system to work as a whole. To make sure all of your motorhome's components are performing as they should, Awesome RV offers a Road Performance Assessment (RPA). The RPA is a diagnostic test that uncovers suspension and steering problems on a variety of road surfaces. You will be able to ride alongside a knowledgeable technician as you drive over highways, narrow and curved roads, sharp turns, and bumps and pot holes. All of these potential obstacles are designed to produce the problems you've brought in your motor home for us to solve.

After the test has been completed, we perform a detailed inspection of over 50 points including your air ride suspension (if applicable), steering gear, tire wear, disc brake rotors and pads, shock absorbers, tie rods, idler arms, king pins, ball joints, and much more. You will be able to observe while the technician performs the inspection. Receive a written diagnostic that details the vehicle's issues. We'll give you our professional advice on how to correct any issues.

Steps of the Road Performance Assessment

  1. Customer fills out paperwork to begin the RPA.
  2. Technician completes a pre-inspection form with the customer.
  3. The technician records the customer's concerns regarding problems with their motorhome.
  4. The technician gathers information from the customer about the motorhome.
  5. The technician drives the motorhome on a road test to duplicate symptoms and evaluate the motorhome.
  6. Highway drive test to gather more valuable insight to symptoms that motorhome is presenting.
  7. Curvy roads, ruts, uneven roads, and sharp turns further test the control and handling of the vehicle.
  8. A 50-point inspection is performed and reviewed with the customer.
  9. The customer is given the complete RPA form and an explanation and possible solution to each problem. The customer then decides what work they would like to have done on their motorhome.
  10. The technician drives the coach again to verify that the symptoms have been cured and the work done on the motorhome was successful.
  11. The customer drives the motorhome to feel the difference under the same road conditions previously tested and verified that the work has been completed.
  12. A thourough RPA diagnosis, with solutions to problems found, keeps your motorhome running at its full potential and puts you back on the road.

To make your RPA Appointment, give us a call at 888-455-9665 in Chehalis, fill out our Service Appointment Request Form, or fill out the contact below and we will get back to you shortly.

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